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Patient of the Month

Suffield Veterinary Hospital again sponsored a “Why My Pet Is Special” essay contest for 3rd & 4th graders at McAlister School. Below, we are proud to present the winning essay from Juliana Balsamo (in Ms. Cronin’s class) about her dog Chloe. 

This adorable photo was taken by Jen Nesbitt at Little Blue Photography.

"My dog Chloe"
By Juliana Balsamo
My dog Chloe is special because she likes to do obstacle courses and jump over boxes. One of my favorite things about my dog Chloe is when we take her to your guys vet cause she never cries, you guys are so gentle. My dog is a toy (small) shih tzu and her hair is black and fluffy. We adopted her from my mom’s friend. Her dog had babies. We got her when she was 8 weeks old. Chloe is my brother’s service dog. She never bites and she also loves people. A funny time was when she was barking at a blueberry and then I picked it up and she was scared of it.
Thank you for doing this it’s an honor. 

Runner Up: “Oreo” by Brinley Rodriguez 
(Teacher: Ms. Cronin)
My cat’s name is Oreo.  The colors on his fur are black, white and brown under the fur.  When I get sad, Oreo always comes to me and cuddles up.  My mom got Oreo when she was in her 20’s and she got him at the pet shelter.  I take good care of my cat.  I sometimes feed him, otherwise my siblings or parents are feeding Oreo.  Oreo has green eyes.  His tail is longish and black.  Oreo usually pees and pukes anywhere in the house.  Oreo is 98 years old in cat years and about 15 in human years.  When Oreo wants something he meows.  It’s really cute.

Runner Up: “Bella” by Samantha Motta 
(Teacher: Miss Mitchell)
Did you know that my dog Bella is so special?  Well keep reading if you want to know.  You will learn about what she looks like, how we got her and her personality.
Bella is a shih tzu.  She is solid black with white from her chin down to her belly.  She has cute floppy black ears.  She also has all black arms and legs until the very tip of her paws that is white.  She also has the best tail.  It is all black but sticks up and when it sticks up it is not tangled at all.  It is just like if you just brushed her hair.  And her eyes are like diamonds.
How we got Bella was from the Berlin Animal Shelter.  We saw her and thought she was the perfect dog for us.  We looked in her eyes and thought we need to rescue this dog.  Bella’s personality at first was very scared and she shook all the time.  She wouldn’t go to anyone.  She soon learned to trust us, she knew we loved her.  Besides being cute and cuddly, she also loves to give kisses.  Right after she gets taken out for a walk, all she wants to do is cuddle in your arms.  If she could she would love to sit on my lap all day.  Sometimes she even sleeps with me in my bed, it is the cutest thing ever.  Most of the time when we snuggle in my parents bed she wants to snuggle too, so I take her out of the crate and bring her on to the bed.  She is family.
I hope you enjoyed my talk about Bella.  Everybody she meets loves her.

Honorable Mention: “The Best Kitten Ever" by Nola Christian
(Teacher: Ms. Cronin)
I have a kitten, her name is Rosie.  She is very black.  We got her from my mom’s friend.  I have a blanket she likes at night.  She likes to come up into my bed and sleep with me.  I got her toys and play with her.  She also scratches my sister all over.  I don’t know how old she is but she is still a baby.  Some memories I have with her are when she sleeps with me and when I play with her.  Something funny that she does is play with the things hanging from the curtain in my room.  I take care of her by playing with her, feeding her, and cleaning up her litter box.  When I play with her, me and my sister make a house for her out of Amazon boxes.  When I get home from school I go to play with her.  I also like to give her treats when she is being good.  When I have to leave for school she doesn’t want me to go.   When I leave for my dad’s she keeps watching for me to come home.  I hope you enjoy my story.

Honorable Mention: “If I Had a Pet” by Seth Healy
(Teacher: Ms. Cronin)
If I had a pet, it would be a black Lab.  I would name it Tiger.  He would be the greatest pet ever!  I would build him a house out of a cardboard box and paint it orange with tiger stripes.  I would walk him and feed him and play with him every day.  I would carry him into my bunk bed.  OK, maybe not that last one.  But he could sleep next to me on the couch.  He would be the best pet ever!  He might scare my little sisters at first, but they’d learn to like him.  Our neighbors would take care of him when we go away.  My mom or dad would walk him to the bus to get me and I would walk him back home.  We would have so much fun together!  Did I mention he would be the best pet ever?

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