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Patient of the Month

This adorable photo was taken by Jen Nesbitt at Little Blue Photography.

Meet Maverick, a Yorkshire terrier puppy loved by Richard and Lisa LaFlamme of Enfield. He is 10 weeks old and just about 2 pounds soaking wet. Mr. LaFlamme searched for Yorkshire terrier puppies carefully and purchased Maverick from a breeder in Brooklyn, NY. No puppy could have captured its new owner’s heart as quickly as Maverick.
After being in his new home for just under a week, Maverick had a day when he was a little quieter than usual, but otherwise normal. The next day he didn’t want to eat his meals. By that same evening, he couldn’t stand and could barely lift his head! He was rushed to Suffield Veterinary Hospital where a quick blood test showed his blood sugar level to be dangerously low (17). Quick administration of an oral supplement followed by intravenous therapy and careful monitoring at NEVCCC, and he’s back to his old spunky self...or even spunkier than he had been since they got him. Jen Haire, our Veterinary Technician/photographer had trouble getting him to stay still long enough for this adorable picture.
Toy dog breeds are extremely popular these days, and for good reason. Just look at this face! But they can be fragile and require extra special care and vigilance. It goes without saying that care must be taken not to drop them, step on them, close the door on them, etc. But what may not be as apparent is that most of them need to be fed and nurtured differently than “normal” dogs. They should have small meals every 3-4 hours rather than just 2 or 3 a day. Their teeth don’t erupt as quickly as other dogs, so they need to be fed food soaked into a gruel or mash texture until they can chew well. Select foods designed specifically for small breed puppies and soak with warm water. Finally, they don’t retain a normal body temperature as well, and need to be kept in a warm environment. Some puppies need to be pampered this way for as long as 6-8 months.
Maverick is now doing just great, with a new feeding schedule and owners that know to watch him like a hawk for signs that he is starting to act a little sluggish. For giving us an adorable reason to talk about the unique needs of the tiniest of puppies, we are pleased to name Maverick the September 2017 Suffield Veterinary Hospital Patient of the Month.

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