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Patient of the Month

Meet Paddy, a repeatedly-rescued cat (!) owned by the Mamo family of Longmeadow, MA (and briefly owned by Kathleen Haldopoulos, also from Longmeadow). 
Sara Mamo writes: We came to own Paddy in 2004 when I was a graduate student in North Carolina. She and her sister were found by a dumpster in an apartment complex! After two years in an apartment, we moved into a house, and Paddy escaped through a torn window screen and was AWOL for three months! I continually put up flyers and called her name while I was on jogs through our neighborhood. After three months, a neighbor with a tendency to leave food out for stray cats recognized her from my flyers, called us, and she was returned home (that’s when she got her microchip!). Paddy then adjusted to the addition of two dogs and two kids to our family. In August 2016, we moved to Longmeadow, MA, and within about 2 weeks, Paddy disappeared. Once again I put flyers around our neighborhood, but I only covered a range that she could have traveled without crossing any major roads. As it turns out, that didn’t cover a large enough range for Paddy! Sometime after she disappeared, she arrived at Kathleen’s house ~1 mile from our house and across two major roads. They fed her for a bit and when the weather turned cold, they took her into their home (~January 2017). In March 2018, they took her to Suffield Veterinary Hospital to have a physical. At that appointment, Dr. Burke scanned her, and her microchip led them to call me. It was the most amazing, out-of-the-blue call I have ever received! She had been gone for 18 months. My husband was sure that she’d found another family, but I had resigned myself to believe that some wild animal had gotten the best of her. By all accounts, she’s at least on her 3rd life!
We are so grateful to the Haldopoulos family who fed and loved her while she was away from us, and we are so happy to have Paddy back in our lives. I absolutely cannot believe that she is here and real and with us now — playing fetch with aluminum foil balls, following us on our walks around the block, and being her lovable, feisty self.

For allowing us to feature the advantages of micro-chipping your pets, and in honor of her resilient, lovable and feisty nature (despite her wanderlust), we are happy to name Paddy our May 2018 Suffield Veterinary Hospital Patient of the Month.

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