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Patient of the Month

Meet adorable Gus, a 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier owned by the De Gobbi family of Suffield. Our Vet Tech/photographer Jen Haire caught this photo of Gus popping his head out of his favorite travel bag.

We see Gus in our hospital more often than many other pets, but not because he is sickly. In fact he is a robust, healthy old fellow. Instead, Gus comes in for International Health Certificates regularly. 

Here’s his story, written by his charming owner, Michela De Gobbi: “Gus has always been a special dog. He began traveling back and forth to Italy before his first birthday, when he was about the size of a coffee mug. Gus loves to travel! He jumps into his traveling bag and rests quietly for 14 hour trips without any trouble or any needs. Gus is fluent in Italian and feels at home in the streets of Treviso as much as the ones of New York. He loves the city life! From his first travels until now he has flown on a transatlantic flight well over 30 times. His adventures have made him a little legend for our family — like the time he walked across half of a busy Italian town (alone), leaving grandma’s house to find his way home!”

It is not a simple process to take pets to other countries. Each nation has different requirements — some easy, some extremely complex. For some countries, planning to travel with a pet must begin six or more months in advance due to required blood tests, vaccinations and waiting periods. Most health certificates need signatures not just from our veterinarians, but also from USDA veterinarians in Albany or other USDA offices. We have successfully helped many people bring their pets around the world, but advance planning is a must. Contact our office early if this is in your future plans!

It is easy to see why the De Gobbi’s always bring him with them. As Michela says, “Gus is constantly seeking love and attention and his joyful spirit and excited affection has filled our home and our hearts with love for the last 13 years.” We are pleased to name this tiny world traveler the December 2018 Suffield Veterinary Hospital Patient of the Month.

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